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Many people when they see our facebook pages, projects made with volunteers, with special people, say Wow…how many and beautiful things you have done! Of course, it is good to be appreciated and admired for the provision of services, knowledge and skills, dedication, talent and time given to such projects. Volunteering is not an easy job because it takes time from the family, work and so many obligations and even if it is done in the free time, we do not have much free time, and to have it, even for this time we have to make sacrifices… That is why I always respect those who have been with me and stayed until the end. I am well aware that I could not have accomplished anything if I did not have the right people, favorable circumstances, and the blessing of Elohim (God). Many of my friends encourage me and that gives me the strength to move forward because they know my personal projects that will never appear on Facebook and I always tell them that I feel like a DROP OF WATER IN THE OCEAN. Some of them I have to post it on Facebook to encourage others to do good deeds. Others I post it to enjoy together,beautiful pictures that remain in our memory many years from now. The pictures are the most beautiful memories and they remind us from beautiful people, wonderful projects and interesting places. Our association in a short time it will have a new space and we will fondly remember the old one looking at the pictures… Some articles need to be posted to show to the sponsors and contributors that support, whether small or large, was used for the purpose for which it was donated. These days I received a donation a computer and I posted and thanked to the donor but when the customs opens we will post again where that computer ended up, to whom I donated it further.
This transparency is important so that we can work better and more efficiently with other sponsors who want to join our mission. Seee how we work and get to know us better. There are many people who do good deeds and go unnoticed by some, but not by all, and this is not a problem if someone praises you or not, it is important to have a happy heart and a calm soul in the evening when you put your head on the pillow, to sleep with the reconciled consciousness that you have done only good and bad to no one. Even if you can’t please everyone, even if some judge you or have prejudices about you without knowing you, even if others still bring you bad words, these are all part of life so never put them to heart, not to let them grieve our souls, to hinder us, to shatter our dreams, and not to sneak poison into our minds. It is important to have a clear vision and follow our path exactly as in the Romanian proverb:”Dogs bark and the bear sees its way” and at the end what do we have to do with the wickedness or dissatisfaction of some, it’s their problem, it’s their job and not Ours. Their inappropriate behavior pollutes them, darkens their horizons, and enslaves them of darkness because they are guided by their own frustrations and not by the principles of light and goodness. I have never been able to upset such people because they are so hurt. And if they choose not to heal, then they attack others and throw away their venom believing that this way they will feel better but this “better” is just for few moments and then they live on with pain, fear, weaknesses, failures, frustrations and that is why we must have compassion for such people. (this is already another story, on another occasion). We have to go over everything that is negative, not to make a soap opera out of nothing, not to give them too much importance and not to analyze them too much because thinking about them will raise the question: Is it true?Why he/she say that? … This already reminds me of Bible Genesis when the devil came to give to Eva ideas: Did Elohim (God) say to don’t eat this? There is a problematic side when criticizing are building and then we must be careful and to considerate and meditate. They agreed to stop and think to me: Why did he say so far? They can help them get out of their jealous, mischievous or frustrated state and be able to offer help. (this is already a longer story).
I met people who have problems with all the thoughts in them, they are divided and he took them in peace. I am advised to pray and leave the burdens at the feet of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ) and not take them anymore, because many take them there, then take them back and can do bigger and bigger problems. The problems are like those little pebbles I take care of are not in the way and we just have to get around them, take them into account, but not let ourselves be divided by them, we can not see big problems and be discouraged.

It is so fascinating that there are so many good people around us, and when God puts them in your way
Read HERE:
In all these projects my biggest pain was LACK OF SPACE, lack of space to carry out your activity. To have people with arms full of books come to you and tell them that you don’t have room because it’s full everywhere, it’s the biggest pain. To leave you a message that they have beautiful things for children and want to donate them, you can’t say that you don’t have room, your soul get break to know that some give them wholeheartedly and others have nothing to wear and even need they and you refuse them on the grounds that you have no space… the peak of pain… Of course I tried not to refuse anyone but I took many things with half of my heart, not with joy as I would like to take them, for that I didn’t know where to put them. The cellar and the balcony were full, the door was full, the place where I am not allowed to keep them because we are fined and not infrequently I was one step away from receiving fines. Plus I have children and I can’t take their playground for the association’s projects and sometimes they told me: “Mommy, do we want to play on the balcony when you release him?” It breaks my heart that they don’t understand that we send them to Romania with love or sometimes someone comes after them but after a while it’s full again and I really want to free their balcony forever to have their free and beautiful playground . Unfortunately, I have to tell you that there were cases when I refused them, especially when it came to furniture, washing machines, bicycles or bigger things. You make a place for a net, a box of clothes somewhere, but you have nowhere to cram large bulky things. These days I slept and when I woke up the living room was full of clothes. I looked, I didn’t know what was wrong with them. I said to the children: “Why you take them? From where? You don’t know we don’t have space anymore!”. When I looked at them more closely, they were brand new clothes from I don’t know what neighbor…I should look for now to thanks. We love our neighbors, we love our people and they always come to bring us beautiful things given from them heart. They want to give it to us because we are a big family, but I tell them in vain many times, that I have enough staff for my kids, I don’t need it for them because they have enough but they come back after days. It depends on the case but when people’s come to bring me staff first impulse is to say please don’t bring nothing any more, but after I always say: “I’ll put them somewhere untill I’m gonna send it to people in need” or I think as i solved by all the time I’m gonna solve it even now. Let me tell you briefly what the story is like now is already in place for recharging quite a bit.
When I arrived in Austria, my husband brought me in a flea market, what I love it straight away. I like to walk, to stop at every table, to look, to rummage, to cling to our things, not specialy to buy something. I can simply relax especially to talk with people, (I love people), to stay and listen them. My husband goes to other stands and we call and consult only if we find something interesting to buy, and like this we spend few hours. Every time I went I received things or some would say to me: “Look at them because I will give you all of them cheaply”. I was telling them what to do with so many things, we don’t have a big house and I don’t want to fill the house with many things. I showed my respect for the seller’s generous offer and at the end, after several discussions, I said: “look, I’ll take them, I’ll put them in the cellar!” and when friends come from Romania I give them! And my husband kept telling me “Please don’t buy anything because we don’t have room anymore, even if you bring me gold furniture I don’t have the pleasure and time to change the old one,, which I am happy with as it is, and if you will bring me gold spoons we will eat with them as we eat with the others!”.

He spends more than I do and sometimes buys too much, but I understand that he loves children and it is good in a way that it is so, like this our marriage is balanced. What would we do if we were both spenders, but since I spend less, it’s good that there is someone who takes care of the money. Now don’t imagine that we have so much money, but it doesn’t matter if you have a lot or a little, it’s important how you manage them. When I invested in charitable projects, I received a substantial return , that was my method of multiplying them.
An example of a project is CLICK HERE: https://www.facebook.com/donate/2941706212561287/
(this is another story on another occasion). I often have fun with older girls and tell them: “It’s good that your mother takes care of the money, otherwise what five girls did when we went shopping!” I buy very few things, the bare necessities and even the phone I received from my husband who took another and I do not say this out of pride, but I simply do not need many things, I have everything , I am happy with what I have and I always think about family, children, projects or other troubled or sick people. You know what a mother’s heart is like, always given to her puppies, always thinking of them to be happy, to have a beautiful childhood, to enjoy their family and feel good in the house where Elohim (God) sent them.
Many appreciate me and tell me Angela I can’t handle one, tell me your secret how do you handle seven children? I have no specific secret, but I simply get solutions at the moment for everything I do, and this is due to my training, the books I read and my relationship with the God Elohim who gives me patience, hope, faith, light, wisdom and all what I need. I’ve always liked to save money, to take care of money, to calculate it well, to be careful what I buy because I’m sure it’s happen to all to be in the store and seeing so many things you feel like you need them but in reality you don’t need them. It never occurred to you to be in the store and say, “What a beautiful dress I really need for next week!” and when you got home the dressing was full, you didn’t have even a place to put it. (I wrote some articles about this on the website
a few years ago).
20 years ago I was so poor that I fasted for days without water and without food, only I had nothing to eat and in the evening when I finished the day I ate bread with margarine or lard and vegeta. (I’ll tell you another time on another occasion the story).
The husband takes care of the shopping and what else is needed in the house and when the money is not enough I give it to him because he knows that I always have reserves and I thank Elohim (God) that we never argued on this topic. In fact, we don’t argue at all and if there are some more discussions, as is normal in all families, then we clarify them quickly, nicely and without too much fuss. It is beautiful to have a blessed marriage, peace and joy in the family. (On another occasion I will tell you more about how we got married and how I take care of money,not that I would be the rooster in the house, plus we respect the principles of the Bible: Yeshua, the head of the family, then the husband, then the wife, then the children, but all in a beautiful harmony, with respect and love for each other). Besides, I have good friends who give me a present, exactly what I need at the right time. The one who takes care of me even now is my mother. She lives in Italy but we meet once a year in Romania or she comes to us. I have another brother married in Austria who has a wonderful little boy and that’s about my whole family. I would have liked to have a big family, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law (I only have one and I can say that I get along well with her), but if I don’t have people I’m glad I have children and that fulfills me, as I once wrote
THIS IS MY CAREER: my family.
I still have a dear grandmother in Romania, but she is a bit far away in Harghita County, near Borsec and a few aunts who are dear to me and an uncle who enjoys everything I post on Facebook. My father still lives and is far from us, in the area where my grandmother is. It’s a complicated story because since I was little my mother raised us alone. I looked for him many times even this year before the pandemic. I still have a sister and a brother from my father but they are part of another long and interesting story… Some boxes of stories keep them locked and open them from time to time to tell real events, concrete facts from which one can learn. Others keep them sealed, memories that no longer make sense, some sad and painful that I have healed and released and I will open others at the right time. All these waves hardened me and formed me in a beautiful way and I learned not to judge anyone, never to take revenge and leave everything to Elohim (God). Every person has a story and from every story we can learn something. Let’s be careful not to judge people because we do not know their heart, their life and the reasons why they are in a way and not in different one. We must be very careful how we speak with each other because not everyone can be replaced and the injured to be left with serious traces. We are so little on this earth and why to hurt each other when we can live simply and beautifully. Many beautiful books have been written about relationships, that’s why I always encourage reading good and useful books and in terms of kindness and generosity, these are learned by practicing. A rich person will never be able to fully understand a poor person because has never been poor and only those who have slept on an empty stomach at least once in their lives can understand the hungry one. To enjoy anything but to receive it when he had nothing he will know how to give from the heart of the needy. My childhood was not a very happy one and until the age of 26 when I got married I suffered a lot from several. The first reason was that my family is not whole and I often felt alone, nobody’s until the miracle happened in my life and I met the Savior Yeshua HaMashiach (Yeh-SHOO-ah Ha-Mah-SHEE-akh),personally at the age of 18 years. Only when my life take on meaning and I

began to understand the things around me that until then I did not understand and were troubled. Then another suffering I had was the inability to understand why there are so many poor and sick people. It took years of research and daily questions until I got married, matured, and studied the Bible, God’s Word, with my husband. It was always in my mind that if we all shared what we had, there would be no poor people because many of us have things and money in addition to what we need. I have noticed that many do not differentiate between needs and desires, which is why there is a global imbalance. These two passages from the Bible, among many others, speak so clearly about how we should be and how we really are.
•“Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
”Matthew 6: 19-21
•Undoubtedly, godliness (faithfulness) accompanied by contentment is a great gain. For we have brought nothing into the world, neither can we take anything out of it. But if we have what to eat and what to wear, it will be enough for us. Those who want to get rich, on the contrary, fall into temptation, snare, and many reckless and harmful lusts, which plunge men into ruin and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil; and some, when they had gone after her, had gone astray from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. ”
1 Tim. 6: 6-10
I got married in 2003 and come in Graz, Austria because my husband been here since 1989. Although we don’t have many people in Romania and home, our soul is where we have many friends, all over Romania and many invitations to visit them but for that children are still small and expensive roads we walk very rarely or almost not at all. I feel rich to have such friends from different social categories, of different faiths, but we are united by love and friendship. What is interesting is that many friends who travel or stay abroad on the way to Romania stopped at us to rest for a few days. I scolded them: well, you come here with such a small car, you don’t know that my cellar is full and where I put all the gifts I want to send in Romania to those in need. Many of them are involved in missionary (and) relief work, and we have been working together for years with good results because they are righteous people and I really share them with the poor. This work brings you a lot of joy, but sometimes sadness and problems. Many people leave me requests for help and do not want to understand that me and the team I work with can not cope with all the cases that are in Romania, plus we do not have the necessary time, we have our families and our responsibilities. No one can engage in a work non-stop and especially when the time is low for everyone.We all have 24 hours a day, no one has more. In the first place we have family and children with whom I spend a lot of time, we learn the Romanian language and we have many activities together and in free time that I don’t have much but I do, I like to write and read. Why did I say I do it because I always hear the expression: I don’t have time and I wonder but who has time? No one, because we make time and if we really want something then we will get and make time for the things we love. I printed a book
“Golden Words for Golden Souls”:
https://www.facebook.com/CuvinteDeAurPentruSufleteDeAur/ which I am republishing now at another publishing house because in the book there are some things that are no longer correspond to reality. I printed this book to help an association in Romania to sell the books to those in need of financial support, but the association now does not have so many activities, plus now I am working on new projects where I want to invest both financially as well as material. I would also like to change some of the teachings and ideas in the book, such as the name of the Savior. I like to use the original name because I am Jewish and I love this name: Yeshua HaMashiach (Yeh-SHOO-ah Ha-Mah-SHEE-akh), meaning Yeshua is Salvation and Mashiach, the Anointed One. This is a longer topic, we will discuss it another time or we can study it together with our Jewish friend from Cambodia, Eduard Claudiu Moisă:
Eduard Claudiu Moisa with whom it is a pleasure to discuss the originals of the Bible. (Here is another story about how we met him, how we sent packages to Cambodia (here you can read more about this topic:
and how my husband has a plane ticket to go there in September 2020 to see them needs there and get even more involved. It’s a beautiful story with the campaign for Children in Cambodia. Open HERE: https://www.facebook.com/donate/206239683775366/
Please don’t start with statements like that: they are quite poor in Romania and what do we have to do with the children in Cambodia, as if they were not people, some people put the problem wrong. It is sad to think so, especially that everyone helps where he is called and everyone helps with what he can and when he can. The poor are poor regardless of religion or nationality. Free yourself from these prejudices to make a difference between people. We will talk more on this topic soon, but today I went a little further with the testimony that was actually thought of at first as a simple article about which means to feel like a DROP OF WATER IN THE OCEAN and I touched on several unplanned topics.
Oh, remind me to tell you about my book “Heartfelt Advice for Those Who Want to Learn” or “1000 Things Anyone Should Know” There would be a lot to share and I would be glad to know that someone reads and has learned something from all these life stories.Probably for some it will be too much to read and for others a beautiful reading, a smile on the face and maybe a welcome help. I also finished the second volume of the book but I didn’t manage to print it and I started some more books but I’m moving forward like a snail because I’m involved in the association’s projects, social, cultural and educational projects, but I’m not complaining because as I told you in the article previous
all things have their time. And the other volunteers from the association are special people (I don’t remember their names because I want to ask them first, to ask their permission) who are teachers in Austria, some have families with many children, others are simple people but with a big heart, each different but we had the same vision and that’s important, different but together for better or worse. At the association we had and received volunteers from all religions, Catholics, Orthodox, Evangelicals, Muslims, etc. And I have seen that it is not religion that makes people’s necessarily, but the character and goodness of the heart. We also have supporters, friends who empathize with us who share on Facebook and tell others about us. Those who volunteer for the association also have their own private life, that’s why they help when they can and how they can, and everyone must understand that we are not an organization who pay the employees.
In Austria, the country of associations, there are many organizations that do many beautiful and wonderful things for people but have paid employees even if their services are free. On this occasion, I want to thanks all the collaborators, members and friends of the Association and especially for every SHARE for we do not often know what a miracle a distribution can do. It happens that you give a SHARE and someone to see and donate for a charity, to solve exactly the problem of another person who may suffer or is hungry, may be sick and in need of treatment, may suffer like me that he has no space to carry out their activity, etc. And as I told you at the beginning around 2003 I was going to the flea market (Flohmarkt is in German,) and people were nice and gave me many things, some for free, others I bought at low prices, beautiful new things for children and adults. Then I would take them home, select them, wash them and pack them for Romania. After my babies were born, people gave me many things because they knew I had many children. Some appreciate me for it, others ask me ironically, “But how many children do you want to make it? “. I would answer more, but education and common sense do not leave me, I answer only: “I do not make children, I do not know how to make children, I receive them, they are heavenly gifts and great blessings for me, it is my wealth.”
I could tell you about my children for days, but today we have another topic. My only concern is about my little girl Arielle Elisabeth who will turn 11 this year.

For two years I went to the hospital every month and also a few months later she was hospitalized where she was tested and given antibiotic infusions. The reason that he had a fungus in his throat. Then I gave up the appointments and hospitalizations at the hospital and continued the checks to a lung doctor who said he had an onset of asthma and now in April 2020 he told me that the lungs are ok and he recommended me to go for a special neck test. I just made a film around her neck called MRI (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) and the result is positive, he said he has nothing 🙁 My anxiety is that my little girl doesn’t have until now a diagnosis and a concrete treatment. Nobody knows what she has. I don’t know what to give her when I hear her sneezing in her throat and she can’t breathe or speak normally. She can’t make expensive everything she feels in her throat and the noise in her throat bothers her. I can’t tell in words how a mother feels when she has to take her child in her arms at night and take her to another room because she can’t sleep from the sound of itching in her throat. Next week we will go to Vienna because in Graz for 2 years this problem has not been solved and I can’t wait, I can’t wait. Pray for us to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment so they can go to school without calling me to ask me what your child has that bothers them in class 🙁 Regarding the earthly riches that many covet for me personally, I do not even have a small fortune in my name and I do not want earthly riches, because I am already very rich, I have many heavenly riches and I have enough.
Many nice people from all nations (there are many nations here in Graz and I have many Turkish neighbors… another story) came to me with respect and I wondered if I recive things because some who do not receive or see this as humiliation. Even in flea markets, especially since there are many in Graz (here is the list https://www.flohmarkt.at/flohmaerkte/graz with them for those who are interested) there are many people, poor or rich who do not go either that they are ashamed to see others, for various reasons, and not a few. It depends on how you see it, one thing for you can be a blessing and another for a curse. How is your heart like this and you see all the things around you. A good person will see all the positive, beautiful things and will find opportunities to enjoy everything small around him but a person with a bad heart will see everything negatively and you will be dissatisfied always. I saw all this as a blessing and I thanked them and told them that I would pass it on to other because I have enough for my children and I do not want to fill my house and they were happy that they knew I would send them to Romania. When I had no place in the house or in the basement, I rented a garage where I was collecting aid for Romania. For years my husband and I would go to people’s houses, take things and take them to the garage and then my husband put everything in the van and drop them to Romania. It was hard, it was a big expense but we enjoyed doing something good and useful.When you see those eyes filled with tears of gratitude and happiness, when you receive sincere messages and when you know that someone is sleeping happily because of you, you don’t need more wealth like this. My husband worked in assembly and had a normal salary, I was a housewife at home with the children, so financially we were not so well but Adonai Elohim (Lord God) took care of us. Then my husband went to a security and guard company where he had to take care of the building on Grenadiergasse in Griesplatz, the former art school in Graz. There Elohim (God) got in the way of a good-natured engineer, like many Austrians in fact, from Graz City Hall, who was very impressed with what we were doing and said to my husband:
“How, you pay the garage to collect things for Romania, at your own expense you take them from people’s houses and take them to Romania, you invest so much time and love in everything you do (praise is excluded, I only repeat his words) you spend money for the needy in Romania, you also buy them food, baby diapers, etc. in addition to the many gifts you collect at the garage, it is something to be admired and appreciated! ”. After a few days, he came to my husband and gave him the keys and said, “Look, this building is yours, take care of it, there are valuable paintings inside and I am responsible for everything. Until the mayor’s office decides what to do with it, you can use it for charitable purposes.
One day a team came and was also the mayor of Graz Bürgermeister, Mag. Siegfried Nagl and my husband asked him but what are you doing with this building and he answered we still don’t know and that was for our own good so we could use it for as long as possible. It was a great blessing that big and spacious space where we also can put furniture, washing machines, refrigerators, children’s bicycles, etc. Even if everything seems good and beautiful, transport to Romania was always a problem. Because if friends came and filled their cars, it was one thing, but if we wanted to send a shot or a big car, it was already a problem, big expenses that no one had to cover. We went and gladly took them from people’s homes for FREE (others made it a business, bravo to them, each with his mission, his job, we can’t all have the same calls and we don’t have to be envious those that go well because there is space under the sun for everyone) and I took them to the warehouse but then there was a lot of work with loading and unloading furniture, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. then organizing the transport, then other costs and costs. You couldn’t let the driver go until you made sure the man had food and everything he needed on the road. Plus, so much can happen on the road and you can’t be without a penny, if something or other unforeseen expenses occur. My husband worked, our family was enlarged and on the weekends he could not go to Roumania to take them and it was necessary to enlarge the team, volunteers who understand what a mission and generosity work means. Because the drivers always had problems at customs,

we had to ask each other to prepare the necessary documents for transport.
In one night when a truck was about to leave for Romania, our friends from Graz City Hall called at night to a church in Graz and asked them nicely to prepare our documents. After a few days, they came to our house and said: “This is not good! You have to work with documents, you can’t send trucks to Romania without documents and we can’t walk at night to solve the documents for transport. Even if we organized everything during the day, it still happened that the car was delayed or we did not meet the time for loading and it was always difficult for us to bother others to send the transport with proper documents. These wonderful people from Graz City Hall (I don’t give them their name because I have to ask their permission first) have done all the paperwork for us and we thank them very much until today we are grateful to them. They were happy to see many books in our house and asked us what we do with them and if we read them. I told them that I had read 90% of them and they are our heritage for children. They asked us what you were doing with them because there were books in all the rooms, not just in the living room. We simply replied, “If we don’t have room for books in our house, then we’ll open a library!” and that happened a short time after our conversation.
The opening of the intercultural library in Graz was a necessity and an important step because people already came to our house to borrow books, they missed reading a book in their mother tongue and I always had a small baby who had to be breastfed and even if we are welcoming guests, you can’t receive all the people from the street in your house all day. We are not afraid of thieves because they have nothing to steal from us except the books that are all our wealth and those if they steal them from us we are not upset. The library contains secular and Christian books in 3 languages, English, German and 80% in Romanian books of inestimable value. Our home is a state home, although many ask us why you did not make your home if you have been in Austria for so many years, at least for children. Everyone says and thinks in their own way and we follow their advice, but we have other principles and other visions. First of all, a state house in Austria is like your house, it’s just that your name is not written on that document, but what makes you happy is that your name is written on the document or not, you still sleep, you you can enjoy it, it doesn’t warm me at all whether my name is written or not. From a state house no one ever throws you out, even if the children grow up and your house is with two or four rooms and you are alone, they do not come to say to move to a smaller house, because this big they want to give to a larger family. The Austrian state is a social state and they think a lot about people and they have the concept that a person is taught in his place where he lived a life and how to move him from there, it would be like taking his life. ((this is another story, on another occasion we will talk about this in detail). In 2014, after over 10 years of voluntary field work, I opened the association:
Angela, Association for the support of Romanians which one at the advice of volunteers who saw an obstacle in this name, thought that people will not help us if they will see a personal name there and will link all things to that name. I think that these prejudices are not good because people saw who we are and what we do, we were not invisible. But because I like to work in a team and listen to advice, I agreed to change my name to Wings of Hope.

Thanks when we expanded our activities and other nations began to join us, not only Austrians, so we decided together with the members of the association to change into a neutral name, to be accepted by all and other peoples and to feel good about us, not to be an association only of Romanians. In many projects we have involved friends from different nations and even practitioners from different countries who stopped by us and joined us, so we changed the name to Austro-Romanian Cultural Center Graz – The Wings of Hope. Opening this association made our work a lot easier in the sense that people with a big heart came to put their shoulder to the wheel and understood the work we do. In addition to charitable projects, I was very involved in social projects, my husband being in Austria since 1989 and I, who was a legal adviser without an official diploma, listened to everything my husband discussed on thephone and learned every day what integration means, what new laws have been passed, etc. My purse was and is a purse different from other women’s handbags, it’s full of diaries, notebooks, brochures and all sorts of things from AZ because I always think that maybe someone needs something and I have to give it to them, then I think of my children to have a patch if needed or a hair clip for girls or you wonder what other bastard is going through my head. In addition, I had the extra baby backpack with everything needed for a baby. I like to have simple evangelistic pamphlets in my purse without any religious overtones if Adonai Yeshua (the Lord God) gets in the way of people interested in the truth and in addition I had information pamphlets from various institutions and organizations and other flyers related to the events from Graz.
Now I don’t have so many because I studied them and I made personal contact with many institutions and organizations in Graz and now I have all this information in my head and I receive the events by email and post them on these facebook pages mentioned above up. Much has changed since 2003 and technology has advanced a lot. For years, when I, when my husband, went with the people where they had appointments to translate and help them, then from home by email I worked non-stop. Sometimes I even called other friends and asked them to go with others.

Not infrequently, even my older children accompanied some people to translate and help complete some documents. Amena Petra,my oldest daughter, also has a degree in the field, but she still doesn’t work because she doesn’t have the time. In addition, I received daily messages on Facebook: “Mrs. Angela, can you tell me what this law is like?” “I heard a new law has been passed” or “Mrs. Angela I have only one question” and she would send you a sausage to take you an hour to understand what problems she was facing. I tried to answer everyone with love and respect, but when they were already calling me on the phone and writing to me on Facebook all day, I didn’t know which one to answer, so I said it wouldn’t work. I wrote up the PERSONAL ACCOUNT profile and I created this page to write here so I can have some peace. Even if it seems strange but I do not accept requests just for the sake of having many friends to be famous or I know what others reasons have for liking to have many friends just for the sake of making a name for themselves. And now they keeps writing to me and I apologize that I can’t answer them all but when I open facebook I first want to answer to friends and that’s why I created this page so that I can continue to help only within the time available.
Thanks for understanding!
Only in 2018 I get the idea for everyone to sign for each free service and emails with a lot of information from the Association. I have hundreds of lists gathered in the archive and I’m sorry I didn’t get the idea sooner that I would have entered the record book.
We walked for a long time in Graz to the Synagogue but now we gladly go to a small gathering of Austrians in Schillerplatz 5, Graz 8010, Gemeinde des Herrn Jesus Christus, because those here empathize with us in the charitable work in which we are involved and as I was saying we have enlarged our team and we have beautiful connections and places all over Graz where people give us dear things for Romania. The only problem is only the transport, which is often very expensive, but if someone has it in their heart, they can make a small donation to this account and we will send them the proof by email of what we did with the money.

Verein zur Unterstützung von RumänInnen BAWAG PSK

IBAN: AT91 1400 0893 1034 6030 BIC: BAWAATWW

Our association is apolitical, areligious and without any support from the Austrian or Romanian state. I worked and worked side by side with anyone who has a good heart, regardless of religious belief. We support ourselves and the donations we receive cover only a small part of the transport costs, we have to put the rest as much as we can, as far as possible. On this occasion, I would like to thank the members, volunteers and friends. As I told you above, this beautiful work brings you a lot of joy both by the fact that you give and when you receive positive feedback, when you receive messages of thanks from those who enjoy everything you have given them.
These days I received a picture of thanks: “I gladly wear the sweater from you!” and it was with a beautiful smile in the picture that it was so dear to me.Of course, I didn’t recognize the sweater because honestly, when I receive clothes, people are nice and show me that there are many beautiful things, my size, and I smile and thank them. I don’t tell everyone that I pass them on. Some neighbors are nice and come to my door and leave them there, others knock on the door and ask me if I want them and others leave me a message. Many people think that if I have many children, I also need a lot of things, but this is not the case, because I prefer to have a few and what is strictly necessary than a lot to clean all day and not have room in the clothes house. I often carry bags of clothes in the basement, either I receive them or they stay small from my children. Don’t take it for granted that it’s just my life story that I want to share with you. Everyone has their own story and we humans are like flowers that open in front of others or close. When you open up, you run the risk of being attacked, judged, misunderstood , but you also have joy because you know that it is useful for some to read you and even enjoy your experiences or for some you can be a role model or an example as a family in Vienna that I always think of with respect and admiration.

A transport company from Vienna, weekly sends whole trucks of food, clothes and things to Romania, meaning their earnings from the company go to charitable projects. At the moment I don’t know them so well and I can’t afford to give them their names here, but I tell you that I see every day on the group, on the phone how whole trucks arrive from them in Romania to those in need and that’s such great joy for me that I can’t describe you in words. I pray for them that I know it’s not easy, it’s a lot of work, there are a lot of responsibilities and it takes a long time. I know from my own experience that it is not as easy as it seems and not so simple, that is why I admire them a lot and I wish them with all my heart a lot of health and blessing.
I repeat, I am a DROP IN AN OCEAN, a grain of sand, a leaf fallen and carried by the wind and sometimes trampled by careless passers-by, a shadow, a mystery but at the same time a joy and a blessing for all who know how to enjoy the simple and beautiful things. I saw the miracles of Elohim (God) in this work, I saw them in my life and in my family, that’s why I go forward through faith, hope and strength because everything will be good and beautiful. I’m not perfect, I’m not the best mother or the best wife, but I like to learn every day, I’m a self-taught person and I like to work with people even if sometimes this is the hardest thing in the world. Someone told me that he preferred to work eight hours in a factory, to finish his work and go home, to have nothing to do with anyone, no stress and no problems. But you, Angela, in the middle of people need a lot of patience, attention and a lot of time and that’s not easy. Do what you can and as much as you can because you know very well that the path to failure is to seek to please everyone. Don’t waste your energy trying to thank everyone that you won’t succeed.

Always think of those who support you, work with honest people, keep your faith strong and always dare more and more. Don’t give up on your dreams, you have people as they are because you will always meet good people, bad people, strange people, wonderful people, people and people but you stay the same and don’t forget that good people attract, meet and stay Together Forever. If someone empathizes with us and wants to support this work can make a donation to this account but specify FOR SPACE (SPENDE für LOKAL) because I will take every generous gift from my heart and make a list of every penny.
Verein zur Unterstützung von RumänInnen BAWAG PSK IBAN: AT91 1400 0893 1034 6030 BIC: BAWAATWW Please email us at romaniidingraz@yahoo.com if you do not want to put your name on the list and want to remain anonymous. Also, if you make a donation, we are honored to conclude a sponsorship contract with you, to place the advertisement from your company or association on our blog page
https://romaniidingraz.wordpress.com and on the website www.insulaekklesia.ro
where we have many subscribers, as well as on the pages of our friends, over 50 facebook pages and groups on facebook. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and don’t forget that any SHARE matters! Share this article because I am sure we will find solutions to develop these projects and do beautiful things together. Every donation matters, no matter how small, because little by little a whole is made! And because we already have a few sponsors for this big step, I dared to write my story, our story. I look forward to your feedback at romaniidingraz@yahoo.com

05.05.2020 Graz, Austria Angela Island Ekklesia, Angela Peschir





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